Over 17 Years Of Telematic Solutions Experience!

At Hot FX Telematics we supply and fit the best trackers and security products at an affordable price, whether it is for fleet or single user vehicle we can accommodate to your needs.

We use state of the art tracking units which have a battery backup feature, dual antennas for added security and are very small so its easy to hide and harder to find. Our fleet option comes with a minimal fee of a one off payment of just £85.00 annually per vehicle. Once you purchase the tracker unit it is yours and we can fit to many different vehicles thereafter, this will save you allot of money and make things easier to manage. Below is a brief rundown on what we can offer but we recommend you contact us to find a tailor made solution to your needs.

Prices start from as little as £199 Supplied & Fitted including unlimited alerts (speed alerts, driver behaviour and annual subscription depending on package).

We also offer state of the art security in the form of immobilisers,  ranging from Insurence Approved Cat2, Cat 5 (5/5+), Cat 6 (7) to GeckoProtect 15, GeckoTrack, Autowatch Ghost & Laserline Guardian 361.

We can also offer fob immobilisers or pin code options.

Other tracking and immobiliser options are available please contact us for further information; we can offer bispoke security solutions with our own in house tracking system.

We specialise in vehicle security and pride ourselves on our quality of work, we specialise in prestige high end vehicles but welcome all; from cars to commercials.

Key Features:

• Driver Behaviour (Harsh Braking, Acceleration, Emergency Stop, Legal Speeds, Speeding etc)
• Remote Immobilisation
• Excessive Revs Alerts (If the vehicle is Revved constantly on standstill)
• Real Time Tracking
• Track Multiple Vehicles
• Detailed Reports
• Daily / Weekly / Monthly
• Speed Reports
• Mileage Reports
• Stop Reports & Many More

• History Playback
• Point Interest
• Time of Arrival
• Geo-Fencing
• Reduce Insurance Cost
• Reduce Fuel Cost
• Stop Unauthorised Usage Of Vehicles
• Reduce Overtime
• Reduce Vehicle Operation Costs
• Increase Productivity
• Improve Response Time
• Text Alerts, Emails, In App Alerts
• And much more

We offer a wide a varied range of products  please feel free to browse our website or contact us.

Bespoke security solutions tailored to your needs availible, contact us for further information!