Smart Track Protector Pro Thatcham S7 (previously knows as Cat 6)

This product has been designed and manufactured in the UK for SmarTrack and has passed full e-mark and
Thatcham TQA208 status. It is ideal for Car, Motorhome, LCV,HGV and Agricultural vehicles

Standard features:
• Thatcham Approved S7/S6 (previously know as Cat 6)
• Guard and Recover as standard
• GPS/GSM technologies for location and communication utilising internal aerials
• 24 Hour Secure Control Centre
• Transferable from vehicle to vehicle (by a SmarTrack approved engineer only)
• Motion sensor incorporated (customer is notified by telephone call if vehicle is moved without the ignition)
• Battery Disconnect Warning (customer is notified by telephone call if vehicle battery is disconnected)
• Low vehicle battery warning (customer is notified if vehicle battery runs low by text message)
• On board internal rechargeable battery back up
• 3 year product warranty
• Transferable (by SmarTrack approved engineer)
• Android and Apple APP for locations