Smart Track Pro ADR Thatcham S5 & S5+ (previously knows as Cat 5)

SmarTrack Category S5 & S5+ (previously knows as Cat 5) Stolen Vehicle Tracking device is tested by Thatcham. The device operates using GPS, GPRS and GSM technology. Having an inbuilt battery back-up the device has the ability work if the vehicle power supply is cut. The device has internal aerials making it ever more secure. The system includes an internal motion sensor which is deactivated when youcarry the Keyguard DRS (Driver Recognition System) remote control.

Subscription – Once the Subscription is purchased the device is then fully monitored by Global Telemetrics Secure Operating Centre. A Welcome Pack will be sent to you and will contain your certification for your insurance, user manual and your emergency customer card.

Monitoring – Our SOC monitor your vehicle’s status 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year! A member of staff will call you if your vehicle is ‘illegally’ moved (without the Keyguard being present) or if the battery is disconnected. If your vehicle battery runs low you will receive a text message asking you to charge your battery making it useful when the vehicle is in storage.

System – SmarTrack S5 & S5+ (previously knows as Cat 5) comes with a remote control, with ‘walk up, walk away’ technology (Keyguard DRS). This must be present with the driver each time the vehicle is started. If the Keyguard is not present, our SOC staff will call designated person(s) to confirm the vehicle is safe. In the event of a theft the vehicle will be immobilised to stop the thief restarting the vehicle once stopped (requires Police approval). The SOC will liaise with the Police and update you until they have confirmed vehicle is secure. Recovery will be arranged on your behalf

• Thatcham Approved S5 & S5+ (previously knows as Cat 5)
• Secure Portal with Private and Business Mileage providing full reporting via your own personal online account
• Monitored 24 hours a day – 365 days a year
• 2 Keyguard remotes included
• Full battery monitoring – battery disconnect and low battery notifications
• Movement sensor alert and online ‘geofencing’
• Immobilisation by the SOC in the event of a theft (Requires Police approval)
• Fully transferable (Terms and Conditions apply)
• Small covert system – manufacture emark compliant
• Ideal for cars, vans and HGV’s
• Emergency call button
• 3 year warranty (Extendable to 12 years – additional fees applicable)