Meta Trak S7 (Cat 6)

One you have downloaded Meta Trak’s easy-to-use app you will be connected to your vehicle or machinery anytime, anywhere, on any device!


Live Tracking

Stay in control. See the real-time position of your vehicle. Our advanced location technology delivers market leading performance and accuracy.  

24/7 Monitoring

Our National Security Inspectorate Approved Secure Operating Centre (SOC) monitors your vehicle continuously for greater peace of mind*.
*excludes Meta Shield

Driver ID Tags  

Protect against modern day theft methods. Receive an alert if an attempt is made to move your vehicle with no ID tag present. .



Instant Alerts

Keep in the know. Immediate notification of a change to your vehicle’s status.  Receive alerts for low battery, battery disconnect and get service reminders.

Journey History & Score

Review up to 30 days journey history. Analyse driving efficiency of the last 20 trips, such as braking, cornering and acceleration. 

Geo Fencing 

Set up geo-fencing and receive notifications when your vehicle moves into or out of the geo-fenced area. 



Multiple Vehicle Tracking

Add multiple vehicles and track them from one login. The app currently supports up to 100 vehicles. 

Choose Mode

Use the Meta Trak app to select your mode. Choose options such as privacy, service, transport or garage mode. 

UK & EU Coverage
Whether at home or abroad. Our service provides you with coverage in  UK and Europe. 


Thatcham Approved

Our solutions have been evaluated and accredited by the Thatcham Research Centre* and fully comply with the requirements of your insurance company.