Ampire RFID Immobiliser

The Ampire RFID transponder immobiliser is the perfect product for vehicles, construction equipment, excavator and agricultural equipment to secure from theft and unauthorized use.

Up to 30 transponder can be trained and thereby facilitate the optimal use in a large fleet of various vehicles and machines with a variety of users.

– Ultra compact Surface Mount Technology
– Highly reliable relay NHG (or equivalent)
– Break-resistant polycarbonate housing
– Extremely rugged and waterproofed transponder

– 2-way immobiliser
– Automatic self-sharpening
– Relays are rated with a maximum of 30 Ampère at 12V DC

– Operating voltage 12V DC
– Power consumption (sharpened condition): less than 10mA
– Transponders are closed and do not need batteries
– Further transponders can be trained by the 5-digit PIN Code
– The system can be disabled by the 5-digit PIN Code in an emergency case
– Up to 30 different transponders can be trained
– 10 billion different codes possible
– The system can delete individual transponder in case of loss
– including 2 separate ground wire
– Range test for the optimal position of the transponder and deactivation coil
– Operating frequency of the TIRIS reader and transponder is 125kHz
– Range of transponder 6 – 12 cm
– Vibration test of the transponder according to EN 60068-2-6 :2008
– Shock test of the transponder according to EN 60068-2-27 :2009
– Operating temperature of the transponder -25 to +85°C
– E-approval number: E20-01-97RI2293