Autowatch Ghost II Pin Code Change

The Autowatch Ghost II is pre-programmed via your installer when it is fitted, most codes used are basic to set the device up and get it working. Others use a pin number the customer has requested or a set sequence to make sure they know exactly what process to use when entering the vehicle. If you have changed you mind on the pin you wish to use or simply not happy with the pin code. You can change it quickly and easily by following these simple pin code changing steps below…

  • Turn on the vehicles ignition ( dash lights, but do not start the vehicle)
  • Enter the current pin code you would normally use (given by your engineer/fitter)
  • Press and hold the accelerator to the floor (Do not release)
  • Enter the current pin code once again
  • Release the accelerator pedal
  • Your service light for your vehicle ( indicators , engine light, down hill light, ) will flash every 3 seconds
  • Enter your NEW pin number
  • Your service light will flash 3 times
  • Enter your NEW pin number again
  • Your service light will flash 2 times
  • Turn ignition off

You have now changed your pin code and this new code will need to be used every time you get into the vehicle.